Independent Living at Cokesbury Village

Independent Living at Cokesbury Village

New Castle County, DE

Cokesbury Village is a Hockessin retirement community located on 60 acres of colorful gardens, rolling lawns, native woodlands, clustered neighborhoods and public spaces that create an idyllic village setting. Here, you'll find the perfect mix of a quiet town that is close to so much. Though located in Delaware, residents enjoy the cultural riches available inMore 

Levels of Care

Independent Living at Cokesbury Village offers 1 type of care: Independent Living.

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living / Personal Care
  • Memory Care
  • Short Term / Respite Care
  • Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Rehab
What are levels of care?

Levels of care refer to how much assistance a person needs with health management, as well as activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are tasks like dressing, taking a bath or shower, using the restroom, and eating.

Additional considerations include whether the individual can take prescription medications or manage chronic conditions independently, or whether some assistance from a caregiver is needed.

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Independent Living at Cokesbury Village Contracts and Cost

Plan Types

  1. Type AExtensive or Life Contracts

Type A or Life Care contracts generally have a high entry fee and monthly service fee that include residential services, amenities, and assisted living or skilled nursing services should they be needed. This is considered an all-inclusive option with predictable future expenses.

Entrance Fee 90% Refundable
Entrance Fee Non-Refundable
Monthly Fee
Semi-Private Room
Private Room
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
Prices shown reflect minimum costs and may be out of date. Please contact the community directly for complete pricing details.

Benevolent Care

Benevolent Care
This community offers benevolent care.

Benevolent Care is the discounting of fees for current residents who have exhausted their assets. It is generally only available to residents who appeared likely to be able to cover the full cost of their care at the time of application. Communities which offer Benevolent Care typically guarantee that residents can stay in the community if they outlive their assets, dependent on endowment funds.

Living at Independent Living at Cokesbury Village

Types of Units

Independent Living at Cokesbury Village offers 3 types of units: One Bedroom Apt, and Two Bedroom Apt, and Cottage.

  • Private Room
  • Semi-Private Room
  • Studio
  • One Bedroom Apt
  • Two Bedroom Apt
  • Cottage
  • Townhouse


Independent Living at Cokesbury Village offers 3 dining options: Casual Dining, and Formal Dining, and Restaurant Style.

  • Cafe
  • Restaurant Style
  • Buffet Style
  • Private Dining
  • Formal Dining
  • Casual Dining
  • Pub
  • Sunday Brunch

Religious Services

  • Non-denominational Chapel

Eligibility & Pets

  • Pets allowed


    Art Classes
    Bank/Banking Services
    Convenience Store/Gift Shop
    Fitness Center
    Indoor Pool
    Nature/Walking Trails
    Performing Arts
    Salon/Beauty Shop

About Company

For Profit/Nonprofit
Parent Organization
License Status

Affiliated Communities

There are 3 communities affiliated with Independent Living at Cokesbury Village: Cokesbury Village, and Assisted Living at Cokesbury Village, and Skilled Nursing at Cokesbury Village.

What are affiliated communities?
These are communities that have established relationships with one another. They often share the same parent company or network.
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Reviews of Independent Living at Cokesbury Village
Average rating from 5 reviews:

  • Very nice looking community, property is very well keep and the people I talked with were very nice and helpful.
    Kevin Warren · 6 months ago
  • I am distressed by the initial care of my family member in the care unit when she went in with back pain. At 100, extra good and prompt care is necessary. Not giving her her blood pressure medication for over 24 hours resulted in a blood pressure spike that could have caused a stroke. AfterMore 
    Louise Lanahan · 12 months ago
  • Diamond State Concert Band,of which I am a member, plays a concert here every year. The audience of residents really enjoy our music and their response is great. Recent renovations at Cokesbury Village are absolutely beautiful. The staff are so kind and helpful!
    Carol Kusel · a year ago
  • Excellent place to retire to.
    SL Troupe · 6 months ago
  • Friendly people, pleasant and tranquil surroundings, good food, good healthcare available, variety of activities and entertainment, opportunities to be involved, and, again, friendly people and kind staff.
    Iris Gonzalez · a year ago