Independent Living at Ephrata Manor

Independent Living at Ephrata Manor

Lancaster County, PA

Levels of Care

Independent Living at Ephrata Manor offers 0 types of care: .

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living / Personal Care
  • Memory Care
  • Short Term / Respite Care
  • Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Rehab
What are levels of care?

Levels of care refer to how much assistance a person needs with health management, as well as activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are tasks like dressing, taking a bath or shower, using the restroom, and eating.

Additional considerations include whether the individual can take prescription medications or manage chronic conditions independently, or whether some assistance from a caregiver is needed.

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Independent Living at Ephrata Manor Contracts and Cost

Plan Types

No plan types found.

Benevolent Care

Benevolent Care
No data found for this community's benevolent care availability.

Benevolent Care is the discounting of fees for current residents who have exhausted their assets. It is generally only available to residents who appeared likely to be able to cover the full cost of their care at the time of application. Communities which offer Benevolent Care typically guarantee that residents can stay in the community if they outlive their assets, dependent on endowment funds.

Living at Independent Living at Ephrata Manor

Types of Units

Independent Living at Ephrata Manor offers 0 types of units: .

  • Private Room
  • Semi-Private Room
  • Studio
  • One Bedroom Apt
  • Two Bedroom Apt
  • Cottage
  • Townhouse


No dining information found.

Religious Services


Eligibility & Pets



No amenity information found.

About Company

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Affiliated Communities

There are 3 communities affiliated with Independent Living at Ephrata Manor: Ephrata Manor, and Personal Care at Ephrata Manor, and Skilled Nursing at Ephrata Manor.

What are affiliated communities?
These are communities that have established relationships with one another. They often share the same parent company or network.
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Reviews of Independent Living at Ephrata Manor
Average rating from 5 reviews:

  • I had just started working here almost a month ago and I absolutely love it. I am a housekeeper/laundry PRN and right away, the ladies (and gent) in both departments made me feel welcome. In trying times these last few weeks, they have helped give me advice and made sure I was in a betterMore 
    Bryanna Northeimer · a year ago
  • I was privileged to have my mom at this lovely facility prior to her death. Previously, she had been at 4 other facilities, and this one was far superior. The care given was excellent, and the staff compassionate beyond belief. I shall be eternally grateful. I hope if the need arises for me to go to sMore 
    LouAnn Lanza · 2 years ago
  • At first glance, Ephrata Manor is too good to be true. The pay and benefits for CNA's are stellar, the ratio of CNA to resident is better than most, the facility is extremely clean, and only requires 7 days a pay period for FT. Upon closer examination, management fosters a cult-like, robotic atmosphere and ifMore 
    Nicole Morano · a year ago
  • My parents began their Ephrata Manor Experience in the Apartments in 2008. Both of them recently passed away, in the Skilled Nursing unit. My mother went from the Apartments to Nursing in 2013. Dad moved to Personal Care (Assisted Living) at that time as well. I cannot say enough good thingsMore 
    Cindi Freeburn · 3 years ago
  • Nice place.nice people
    Sierra Hoover · 10 months ago