Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr

Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr

Montgomery County, PA

There is no entrance fee at Beaumont – instead, you purchase your home and become an equal voting member in the not-for-profit corporation. Residents own and govern the community, and the professional management team works on their behalf rather than for an outside board or corporation. As a result, you have a direct say inMore 

Quality of Care

License Status
Daily Staff Per Resident
Nurse On Site?
24 Hour Nurse On Site?
Secured Dementia Unit?
Memory Care Programs

Levels of Care

Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr offers 1 type of care: Assisted Living / Personal Care.

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living / Personal Care
  • Memory Care
  • Short Term / Respite Care
  • Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Rehab
What are levels of care?

Levels of care refer to how much assistance a person needs with health management, as well as activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are tasks like dressing, taking a bath or shower, using the restroom, and eating.

Additional considerations include whether the individual can take prescription medications or manage chronic conditions independently, or whether some assistance from a caregiver is needed.

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Living at Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr

Types of Units

Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr offers 3 types of units: One Bedroom Apt, and Two Bedroom Apt, and Townhouse.

  • Private Room
  • Semi-Private Room
  • Studio
  • One Bedroom Apt
  • Two Bedroom Apt
  • Cottage
  • Townhouse


Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr offers 5 dining options: Casual Dining, and Formal Dining, and Pub, and Restaurant Style, and Sunday Brunch.

  • Cafe
  • Restaurant Style
  • Buffet Style
  • Private Dining
  • Formal Dining
  • Casual Dining
  • Pub
  • Sunday Brunch

Religious Services


Eligibility & Pets

  • Pets allowed


    Art Classes
    Bank/Banking Services
    Fitness Center
    Greenhouse/Gardening Space
    Indoor Pool
    Lecture Series
    Nature/Walking Trails
    Performing Arts
    Studio Space
    Transportation Services

About Company

For Profit/Nonprofit
Parent Organization

Affiliated Communities

There are 3 communities affiliated with Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr: Beaumont at Bryn Mawr, and Skilled Nursing at Beaumont at Bryn Mawr, and Independent Living at Beaumont at Bryn Mawr.

What are affiliated communities?
These are communities that have established relationships with one another. They often share the same parent company or network.
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Reviews of Personal Care at Beaumont At Bryn Mawr
Average rating from 5 reviews:

  • I worked there it’s really really nice place and great people
    Sam khalil · 4 months ago
  • The best because the residents own and operate. No profit motive just fabulous care , staff, food, everything.
    Gene lefevre · 2 months ago
  • This place is beautiful and refreshing to walk through. I was here for a wellness check and the people are so friendly, not the fake friendly. I learned so much about six strangers in my short amount of time waiting. The conversations were engaging and filled with like nuggets of wisdom. These individuals have earned theMore 
    the Fire Lotus · a year ago
  • Excellent! As good as it gets! Everything necessary for your loved one to thrive!!!
    George Lincoln · 11 months ago
  • Beautiful place to work love it . I highly recommend your love ones to move to Beaumont. 😄
    Shante Bowman · a year ago