Simpson House

Simpson House

Simpson House offers studio and one-bedroom apartments with Personal Care services in two separate neighborhoods, Carson Commons and Wesley Commons. These neighborhoods are for residents who wish to live independently but require some assistance with anything from transportation to dressing to taking medication. We provide gentle reminders and individualized care, while encouraging the highest level ofMore

Quality of Care

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Levels of Care

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living / Personal Care
  • Memory Care
  • Short Term / Respite Care
  • Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Rehab

Living There

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Religious Services
  • Catholic Services
  • Christian Services
  • Jewish

Types of Units

  • Private room
    Private Room
  • Combined Shape
    Semi-Private Room
  • Studio
  • One Bedroom Apt
  • Two Bedroom Apt
  • Cottage
  • Combined Shape

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Average rating from 5 reviews:

  • svg_5
    Worst experience ever ... more about getting the buy in $ and monthly rent than providing services and programs for residents ... it's fine if you are independent but the moment you need help...that's the problem...I felt totally taken advantage of after deciding that my loved one would move to SH..the transition from empathetic and compassionate continum of care to focus on building and marketing high rent independent living units occurred rapidly ...
    Lynn Harris · 2 weeks ago
  • svg_5
    The rehab facility has been renovated and looks nice, however, the overall service is horrendous. had to hire outside people bc the average response time is 22 mins.
    Carol Payne · 4 months ago
  • svg_5
    So much that's positive. One area that must be improved is lighting and signage. First responders have a hard time finding the various buildings because almost nothing is in place to show them where to arrive. Even worse after dark. Please invest in our safety. Really off the grid. Beautiful and walkable grounds. Very nice community of good people.
    Carolyn Hopper · a year ago
  • svg_5
    This place is not fit for human life.
    H Blake · 7 months ago
  • svg_5
    Do not bring your family members or loved ones here. I'm appalled by the lack of care and accountability from this facility and their so called "leaders". While the place will get you in with it's new modern looks and welcoming feel you soon realize that it is just a shiny cover on top of a rodent/insect infested and ethically questionable scam. When you first tour the building they dazzle you with false hopes and promises of your loved one being taken care of and getting the most out of the years they have left. However, when you drop by to visit you get to see the reality of what this place really is. They promise activities and events that stimulate the residents yet when you visit its a horror film of the elderly slumped in their chairs slowly withering away being watched/served by people who show no compassion or care towards them. Seniors lined up in a cold hallway with stained rugs and splattered walls. Patient room lights flashing in the hallways for what seemed like an hour. Charge Nurses walking by the rooms of the elderly crying for help for something as simple as assistance to go to the bathroom. If you go there at night prepare to see mice scattering down the hall and in the rooms. Cockroaches in the dining rooms and stairwells. Employees running around whispering about bed bugs on more than one occasion. The "gourmet" food I wouldn't feed to my own dog. I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like from the way the servers/cooks are dressed and presented. And the cleaning, nonexistent. I went down to the laundry to find some of my mothers clothing that was missing and was disgusted by the state of the "cleaning" departments premises. I raised my concerns to the director of housekeeping and was more or less waved off after him raising his voice at me. How such a disrespectful quick to anger man can hold such a position is beyond me. If you bring these issues up to the "leadership team" you get the sense that they just don't care. A lot of nodding and false promises. "We'll take care of it" "We're so sorry". Yet the next time you're there none of your concerns have been addressed. And the next time, and the next time, and the next time.... It hurts to even think about me putting my mother in the care of these emotionless money hungry scammers. Thankfully we found something better. I don't know how this place is still open for business. I don't know how these presidents, directors, and managers live with themselves knowing the years, months, days they're stealing from these poor people. It overwhelms me with emotions writing this review but if it even helps one other family then it was worth it to me. See for yourself before making any rash decisions. Follow and nod along as they fill your ears with hot air but watch what is going on around you. Look at the faces of the people in there, both residents and employees. Wander to the places and corners they don't want to show you. Ask the questions they're afraid to answer. If I could give this place no stars I would. Fortunately for us this was not the only option. I hope the residents there that have no other place to go get the help they need and deserve.
    Michael Crook · a year ago