Personal Care at Smith Health Care Ltd

Personal Care at Smith Health Care Ltd

Luzerne County, PA

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Levels of Care

Personal Care at Smith Health Care Ltd offers 1 type of care: Assisted Living / Personal Care.

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living / Personal Care
  • Memory Care
  • Short Term / Respite Care
  • Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Rehab
What are levels of care?

Levels of care refer to how much assistance a person needs with health management, as well as activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are tasks like dressing, taking a bath or shower, using the restroom, and eating.

Additional considerations include whether the individual can take prescription medications or manage chronic conditions independently, or whether some assistance from a caregiver is needed.

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Living at Personal Care at Smith Health Care Ltd

Types of Units

Personal Care at Smith Health Care Ltd offers 0 types of units: .

  • Private Room
  • Semi-Private Room
  • Studio
  • One Bedroom Apt
  • Two Bedroom Apt
  • Cottage
  • Townhouse


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Affiliated Communities

There is 1 community affiliated with Personal Care at Smith Health Care Ltd: Skilled Nursing at Smith Health Care Ltd.

What are affiliated communities?
These are communities that have established relationships with one another. They often share the same parent company or network.
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Reviews of Personal Care at Smith Health Care Ltd
Average rating from 5 reviews:

  • Within 3 weeks, 6 patients died due to the Nursing Director recklessly coming in contact with sick patients then going and interacting with healty staff and patient.Owner and employees are working while positive with covid. Nobody there is quarantining 2 weeks after positive testings. They are putting patients lives at risk. The place is placeMore 
    Trevor McDonough · a week ago
  • Director of nursing is very rude and disrespectful! They are short staffed .the workers call out every day and always do no call no show and the director of nursing makes you stay if there is no one else available to work! Or tries to force you to stay then threaten you if u dontMore 
    Jessica Mills · 5 months ago
  • Director of Nursing EXTREMELY Rude. Refused to have A US Veteran patient have top side rails resulting in a roll out of bed due to bad dreams from the war ---resulting in a fracture within one week of being there. Forces patients to go to dining room .Does not respect patients right toMore 
    Lilah S · 8 months ago
  • owner very rude. they think its ok to disrespect workers and not clean at all they reuse hats (cups used to collect specimens). when changing beds they dnt even want you to change pillow cases... just sheets! NASTY WOULDNT RECOMMEND WORKING HERE OR HAVING FAMILY MEMBER PLACED HERE
    Marissa Miller · 12 months ago
  • This was a great place to work if you worked hard! But that's anywhere..... I loved the owners and they only wanted me to do well in school. Always had hours for me during the week and when i was on breaks. I did do well and I moved on out of state. Still missMore 
    Nicole Piccotti · 2 years ago